Mississauga Friendship Association

Twin City with Kariya, Japan


Official Twinning July 7th, 1981
Mississauga and Kariya, Japan were officially twinned July 7th, 1981. The declaration states that “it is our wish to promote goodwill between both our cities and to enhance the international awareness of our citizens through the exchange of cultural, educational and sporting activities”.

It was signed by Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion and Kariya Mayor Ichimatsu Miyata.

Official Signing

At that time, Mississauga and Kariya were similar in population size and industrial backgrounds. Mississauga has since grown to over 700,000 inhabitants while Kariya’s population has only risen moderately to 146,000.

Mississauga Friendship Association (MFA)
The Mississauga Friendship Association (MFA) was established in 1993 to promote, foster and maintain the sister relationship between Mississauga and Kariya. MFA achieves its goals through cultural and educational exchanges including hosting delegates once a year from Kariya and organizing events and entertainment for their education and enjoyment. Delegates come in July for six days and are given as many opportunities as possible to mix and meet with citizens of Mississauga. Sight-seeing opportunities to Toronto and Niagara Falls are included and all visitors are billeted with host families so that they can experience Canadian life.

Kariya International Friendship Association (KIFA)
The Kariya International Friendship Association (KIFA) was founded in 1983 shortly after the twinning was established. KIFA aims to promote friendly relations with Mississauga and other foreign cities, gain mutual understanding among residents and create a “good local community where anybody can live in comfort”. Some of their activities include cultural exchanges and holding foreign language classes. For more information please visit the KIFA website.